You Want To Know How To Make What?

At T and D Organics and Designs we strive to offer our customers the best in handcrafted gifts for the mind, body and spirit, but just like everyone else we had to start out at the beginning.  We had to learn how to make dream catchers, jewelry, candles, soap and all the other things we offer to our customers.
No one knows how to make things without first being taught.  Some of the products we make, we've been making for years.  D learned the art of making dream catchers as a child.  My mother taught me how to crochet when I was a girl.  There are some things we do that seem to be second nature to us, for me that's making jewelry.  My great-grandfather was a jeweler and at times I feel, in some strange way, that I'm channeling him when I'm working on my pieces.
In some of the other things we want to offer our customers, we have to do research.  Things like soap and candles aren't second nature to us and so require a good deal of work on our part to make sure we get it right.
Our goal with this page is to offer you the chance to learn some of the things we've learned along the way and share with you some of the sites and information that has helped us immensely.

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