Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Basics of Crochet

Learning to Crochet was a 2 part learning process for me.  Initially I learned when I was a girl.  My mother would crochet for hours and hours and make the most beautiful doilies that virtually covered the house.  I remember her attempting to teach me and the thrill of learning to create my first chain...and then I got stuck.
No matter how long my mum tried, she couldn't teach me to move to the next row.  I was so confused and eventually gave up.
Many years later, I got it in my head that I wanted to learn how to knit.  My creativity bone was itchy and just begging to be scratched so I watched every video I could, read every instruction manual I could find and taught myself knitting...and LOVED it.  But my arthritic hands did not.
So at that point I decided to try crochet once again.  This time it was so much easier for me to learn.  I remembered some of the basics my mum had taught me and watched a few videos and was off! And though I don't crochet very often any longer as jewelry making has become my truest passion, crochet is still quite enjoyable.
Everyone has to start someone where.  So to avoid some of the frustration of scouring the web to try and find the instructions, I'll post them here for you!
I hope you're able to learn and enjoy Crochet as much as I have.
How to Crochet: Chain
How to Crochet: Single Crochet
How to Crochet: Half Double Crochet
How to Crochet: Double Crochet
How to Crochet: Triple Crochet
How to Crochet: Increase Stitch
For more great videos on Crocheting

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