Thursday, February 14, 2013

Soap Making 101 - How To Make Hot Process Soap

Soap Making 101 - How To Make Hot Process Soap

This series of videos is brought to you by Helen's Hands Soap  In our search for finding out how to make our own soap ( at first not for sale but for our own private use ) we scoured the web trying to find information on how to make soap and found recipe after recipe.  The information was overwhelming and at times very confusing.  At first, we researched cold process soap but were concerned about the process and curing time so then looked at hot process.  We watched video after video and each one left us with more questions than answers and even tried our first batch of soap that ended up being completely unsuccessful! We were extremely frustrated until we stumbled upon Helen's videos.  After watching her 2 part video series we actually felt confident that we knew what we were doing and could be successful. We actually watched her videos as we made our soap and it was a success!

If you want to know how to make hot process soap, watch Helen's videos.  They're wonderful and informative.

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