Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Cost of No Shampoo

As you know T and I have turned our backs on shampoo, using instead a baking soda and water mixture. It's a completely natural cleanser that doesn't strip the natural oils from your scalp away. And the best part, you don't stink and your hair gets ridiculously soft! Well, at least that's what happened for me. T's still working on it.
T and I relentlessly watch documentaries. The other day we watched a National Geographic special on The Human Footprint and learned that in an average life time 1 person will use 198 bottles of shampoo. I'm betting for those of you who use product on a daily basis or shower twice a day the figure will go up.
It got me wondering: What is the average cost of shampoo? How much would the average person spend in a life time? And how much does it cost to use a baking soda and water mixture?
Shampoo prices in America have a ridiculous price range. They start as low as a dollar and go all the way up to 60 dollars. But the average cost that you'll find say at your average X-mart store is around $3.26.
So multiplying our average numbers you get $645.48 for shampoo. Doesn't seem all that much but wait until I show you some other numbers.
We have been able to buy a 2 pound box of baking soda for $1.59. Out of that 2 pound box we are able to get 64/8 ounce bottles of homemade shampoo for the whopping cost of 2 and 1/2 pennies per 8 ounces.
How much does the average person spend on a 12.6 ounce bottle of shampoo? $3.26 which equals 25 cents per ounce.
It's economically stupid to pay for shampoo when you can use baking soda, which doesn't damage the hair, cleanses beautifully and leaves your hair healthier than ever before.
For me the choice is clear: Spend less money and have great hair.

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