Thursday, February 14, 2013

Laundry Soap

We are learning how to make soap... Still perfecting it but it's getting there.
The other day we made our first successful batch of soap and decided to make liquid soap out of the remnants that were stuck to the side of the crock pot.
We ended up with 2-3 ounce bottles of hand soap for the bathroom and I decided to turn the other gallon or so into laundry detergent.
By adding baking soda to our liquid soap we ended up with an epic laundry soap- So much so that I'll never buy laundry detergent again.
Allow me to explain why:
My clothes and bedding have never been so soft.
I'm realizing just how, well, dumb it is to buy into marketed soaps- Sure they get stuff clean but a cost not only to our pocketbooks but also to the environment. We use these store bought soaps, which are filled with harsh chemicals, and ultimately we have to turn around and buy fabric softener if we want our clothes soft- It's a never ending cycle of buying more to counter act the product you initially bought. DUMB!
Just by making my own soap to bathe with I've gotten out of it liquid hand soap for the bathroom and epic laundry soap- all for pennies on the dollar.
What else can I save money on?!

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