Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gardening vs. Groceries

I am turning into quite the homebody.
I am happier than a bug in a rug simply living and being productive at home.
The ability to be at home, unless I absolutely want to leave, has been a long time in the making. I would say about 5 years ago I got this idea in my head that I essentially wanted to be a homesteader- ya know, one of those people who survives solely on what they do at home- and so the journey began.
One of the first things I realized I had to do was cut costs in order to be at home. Of course cutting costs seems to be what everyone is doing these days- but to really be able to stay at home as much as I wanted I really had to start cutting costs.
One way I figured out how to save up to $400 a month was to plant a garden.
No joke.
With the amount of fruits and vegetables T and I eat we easily spend $400 plus a month on groceries. And for $50 we were able to purchase all the seeds we needed to plant our own garden. ($50 one time purchase compared to $400 a month- you do the math)
We are currently growing approximately 30 things- I lost track because we've added a ton of herbs- but already it's paying off.
First Pickings. Tons more to be had!
Our squash is already coming in, we've already been able to pick and dry herbs, and we are going to have plenty enough left over to sell and can.
Now don't get me wrong- this takes a lot of work. And I mean a lot. Weeds don't pick themselves, pesticide soaps don't make or spray themselves and there is a lot of pruning, grooming and tending that needs to be done to make it successful but wanting a homesteader life, this works out well for me.
Herbs drying, the old fashioned way
Think of some of your favorite foods, whether it be tomatoes, green beans, squash- whatever- even with a small plot, or pots, you can grow your favorite things and save yourself money.
There is an assurance when you've got a few things growing in your yard or even in  your house- you're nurturing something that will in turn nurture you.
Our garden's progress thus far. We planted mid April.

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